Best XBLIGs of 2011

This is a collection of lists of the best XBLIGs of 2011. If you're looking for a great XBLIG to purchase, these lists would be a fantastic place to start!

Best XBLIGs of 2011

GameMarx Top Games by Week for 2011

GameMarx collects the top games selected by their crew each week for 2011.

Indie Gamer Chick - Top 10 list

Indie Gamer Chick's Xbox Live Indie Games All-Time Top 10 captures her top 10 games for 2011. (look on the sidebar on the right of her site)

IndieGameMag XBLIG Game of the Years Nominees for 2011

Collected list of Best Xbox LIVE Indie Games for 2011 by IndieGameMag

Destructoid Top 10 of 2011 by manasteel88

manasteel88 creates his top 10 XBLIG over on Destructoid

VVGTV - Top 10 XBLIG you need to play

VVGTV creates the top 10 games of 2011 that you need to play

Daizoren and VVGTV - Top XBLIGs of 2011

Daizoren and VVGTV bring you the top XBLIGs of 2011

OtakuDante's Top 10 XBLA & XBLIG of 2011

OtakuDante collects his list of the top 10 XBLA and XBLIG of 2011

Indie Theory - Favorite XBLIGs of 2011

Ricky B. shares Indie Theory's favorite Xbox LIVE Indie Games of 2011

Microsoft's Best of 2011 for XBLIGs

Microsoft shares their best XBLIGs of 2011

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