Tell me what's wrong!

Taking Nick Gravelyn's Exception handling code and enhancing it to encourage players to give that feedback to the XBLIG developer.

Tell me what's wrong!

Adding error handling to your game to report unhandled exceptions and encourage users to deliver that feedback to you

This sample takes Nick Gravelyn's exception handling sample and enhances/expands upon it to not only report the errors, but to encourage that the player report those errors back to the XBLIG developer. The code exists primarily in two places. An enhanced Program.cs class that you would then add to all your future XBLIGs and then an ExceptionGame.cs class that handles all the error reporting and feedback encouragement.

In the sample, when running un-attached to the debugger. If you hit "A" on the gamepad or on the keyboard this will generate an exception and you can watch the error handling in action. Also, don't forget to customize the error for your own game. There are constants that define the gamertag and the email address the error should be reported to. Ideally those should be your own gamertag and email and not mine!

There's always going to be those times when your game crashes. Having code like this in your game is a great way to help track down those elusive bugs and get you up and running again and looking good in the eyes of your customers.