Jellies A Plenty

My first game written using the XNA framework

Jellies A Plenty

Here it is. My first official game developed using XNA. Once again, it is just amazing how fast you can develop using XNA. From start to finish, this game took two days of development and a lot of that time was spent trying to find free SoundFX (if anyone knows some great plaes for free SoundFX PLEASE fill me in!).

What is "Jellies A Plenty"? It's a game I developed for my 6 year old son. He's been playing around with the calculator a lot and really seems to enjoy doing math. "Jellies A Plenty" was developed to give him a chance to practice addition, develop my own XNA skills and provide more resources for the XNA Game development community.

So how does it play?

The gameplay for "Jellies A Plenty" is fairly simple. A little jelly guy hops around in a 3x3 grid. Each square of the grid contains a number. The computer screen will display a simple addition question, the jelly must hop to the correct answer and select it. Selecting the correct answer will drop a Jelly bean down into the jar and increase the score. Selecting the wrong answer will release the Shark creature and decrase the point value of the question.

To get rid of the Shark creature, the player must quickly answer the question correctly. Getting eaten by the Shark Creature takes one life from the Jelly. Once all lives are gone, the game is over.


Up - move the Jelly up one square
Down - move the Jelly down one square
Left - move the Jelly left one square
Right - move the Jelly right one square
Space - select a square
Escape - exit the game

Tutorials will be coming walking through the creation of the game, but the source has been made available for those who want to look under the hood right away.

What kinds of things can you learn from the source code?

In Jellies A Plenty, I work with Sound, moving sprites, displaying text on the screen, keeping track of game data as well as some simple animations. I've tried to do a good job in commenting the code and hopefully I can get started on the accompanying tutorials right away.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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